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About the Pennsylvania Bar Association

For over 125 years, the Pennsylvania Bar Association has been the only statewide legal association to serve the needs of all Pennsylvania attorneys. The PBA offers many benefits and services to help members expand their knowledge, make connections and grow their legal careers. From insurance to free legal research to discounted office products, PBA members get dramatic savings on the critical services every lawyer needs.

Since 1895, the PBA has played an active role in legislative affairs and legal reform. The PBA supports, among numerous other issues, judicial reform measures, funding for legal services, pro bono participation, and increased awareness and resources on the quality of life and wellness for those in the legal profession. Although society and the day-to-day pressures of practicing law have changed over the years, the cooperative effort that was the basis for the establishment of the Pennsylvania Bar Association is as relevant today as it was in 1895.

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About USI Affinity

Proud to be the exclusive administrator of this plan, USI Affinity* has a notable track record of success in developing and administering a wide array of comprehensive insurance solutions over the last 50 years. Our reputation and market position provide the necessary leverage to ensure unique advantages in quality coverage, competitive rates, and service second-to-none.

USI Affinity is proud of our long-standing relationships with many of our clients. And our Professional & Trade division is the endorsed insurance administrator for a multitude of professional associations, including 34 Bar Associations. In total, USI Affinity serves more than 500 associations nationwide, representing 15 million members and more than 15,000 employer groups and sole proprietors.

The USI Affinity corporate headquarters is located in Philadelphia, PA.

*USI Affinity is the brand and marketing name for the licensed entity USI Insurance Services, LLC